Saturday, 28 January 2012

Angel Sounds Doppler

After my 12 week scan I decided to buy a doppler as one of my friends had one in a previous pregnancy and said how great it was because you have to go quite a while between scans and midwife appointments so you can still check everythings ok in the weeks in between.

I got mine quite cheap off good old Ebay I think I paid just under £10 for the doppler and then also got some ultrasound gel for £1.99 so it was a great bargain.

I first tried to use my doppler just after the scan but I think because the baby was so small it made it quite difficult to find the heartbeat which it tells you can happen. So I left it a couple of weeks and then tried it again. It is amazing to be able to hear your babies heartbeat whenever you want, it also does put your mind at rest once you've started to feel your baby move and then you think you haven't felt him for a little while you can just have a quick check.

I think it will be very useful in the later stages of pregnancy when your baby runs out of space and cant move as much you can still keep checking everything is ok. One of my friends lost her first baby at 8 months when she stopped feeling it move so it terrifies me this could happen so i'm definitely glad I have my doppler to keep an eye or ear on things. *Obviously if you do have any worries and havent felt your baby move for a while contact your midwife or maternity ward/ Hospital ASAP to get checked out*

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