Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Maternity Wardrobe

Lots of people advise you not to buy lots of maternity clothes because you won’t be wearing them for long and it will just be a waste of money, but to be honest let’s face it when you buy normal clothes how long to you normally keep them before you get bored and ditch them?
Maternity clothes aren’t that much more expensive than normal clothes these days. Plus there are also some maternity essentials that you do need to buy such as bras, jeans and work trousers if like me you have to wear them.

I have bought some work trousers and a few bras from Mothercare because I found they were pretty reasonable prices which I was actually surprised about.
One place that will be my saviour for maternity clothes will be good old Ebay. I love that place! I use it lots to buy clothes as you can get some really good bargains on there but even better for updating your wardrobe with cheap maternity clothes because getting tops and jeans for a couple of pounds you don’t really about only wearing them for a few months do you.
I am bidding on a few items on Ebay as we speak to I will be showing you outfits if and when I win them.

Meanwhile here are a few bump friendly clothes I have been wanting to get my hands on.

I am seriously tempted to get this dress from mothercare now its on sale as i have been eyeing it up for ages. But I see it as more of a going out dress which I dont really do anymore I might see if I get any money for christmas.

Maternity clothes no longer have to be frumpy and unflattering now most high street shops have their own maternity range.

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