Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sanctuary Mum To Be Set

For Christmas my mum got me this little Mum to be gift set from the Sanctuary range at Boots.

So what does the Box contain I hear you ask well There is a 75ml bottle of Tummy Soothing Bath Soak it contains Rosehip, evening primrose and sunflower oils it has a gorgeous relaxing grown up smell. When you use it in the bath it doesn’t give off a strong smell just a nice subtle scent which lasts on your skin after you get out of the bath.

There is a 75ml 2 in 1 Moisturising shower cream which as with any shower cream you squeeze some on to the handy shower puff that also comes in the gift set. This is the same scent as the bath soak.

For later on in the pregnancy or simply for after a long day on your feet there is a 50ml tube of cooling Leg and foot Gel which again has a lovely scent and contains chestnut tree and guarana extract, with rosehip oil and Frescolat. It is quite soothing and cooling I bet this would be perfect if you are pregnant in the summer to rub in to your legs after a long hot day.

The next 2 products are to help your skin when it starts to stretch which unfortunately it will. There is collagen boosting body butter and Stretch Mark oil I am very sceptical whether these sorts of products actually work or not. The body butter is supposed to make the skin more elastic which I should imagine using this alongside the oil should help you not to get any stretch marks or at least very small ones in a perfect world. I will carry on using these products although so far I haven’t got any stretch marks but I haven’t really grown much yet. I will update you with how these 2 products are going in a couple of month’s time.

All in all it’s a lovely little set to use when you are needing a long soak the thing I love the most with this set is the lovely grown up scent as I’m use to using lush products which don’t get me wrong smell fab! But these make me feel a little bit more grown up and womanly. Does that sound weird for a bath set? In fact I might have a bath using this set tonight with some candles and try to finish off my latest book.

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