Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Look Maternity Jeans

Before I got pregnant I was the type of girl who was pretty much always in a pair of jeans so when I my pre-pregnancy jeans started to get too small and I couldn't do them up I swapped them for leggings and jeggings, Which yes are comfy but wearing them constantly you soon get pretty fed up. I finally got to the stage where I HAD to get myself some jeans.

I took a trip to my trusty new look to see if they had a pair of cheap jeans to see me through the final 2 months. I wasn't disappointed, I managed to find these beautys. Dark blue skinny jeans for only £15.99 I grabbed them.

They are super comfy with the under the bump band. I would seriously live in these I wish normal jeans were made with a stretch waistband too ;)
I know what you may think, whats the point in getting jeans this late stage? Well for £15.99 to me just wearing them for 2 months I think I will get my monies worth. Plus lets face it I won't be back in my pre pregnancy jeans straight away so I will still be wearing these after the birth too. I will also save them for if I get pregnant in the future as I find New Look clothes to be good quality so they will last.

If you are looking for some Maternity jeans that won't break the bank then seriously head over to New Look they have a range of different styles for the same price, Your local store may not stock maternity clothes or only do a limited selection like mine, but if you look online have lots of different styles and prices to suit all budgets and they also do free delivery quite often so you can't really go wrong :)


  1. New Look's maternity jeans are brilliant! I had a pair of boyfriend jeans, and skinny jeans and felt so much more comfortable.
    Such a bargain too!

    Tess xo

  2. They really are great arent they x


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