Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mummys Money Saving Tips. #1

As you all know when your on Maternity leave your wage drops, Mine has dropped by half which obviously is now leaving us rather stretched. So now more than ever we need to watch the pennies especially as we are about to become parents to a new baby boy.
So I thought I would start a little series of money saving tips that I come across as they may be some help to others.

1) Plan your budget HONESTLY. Account for things like days out, new clothes etc - it's better to over estimate and then cut down than to budget and then go over.

2) Always plan meals and write a shopping list. Less food waste makes you feel good too!

3) Stock up when items are on offer - laundry/cleaning products and non perishable food items are great for this. My dad always keeps an eye on when beans are on offer 4 tins for a £1 and always lets me know I sometimes think he's slightly obsessed hehe.

4) Every couple of weeks/Months have a clear out anything you haven't used for a while stick on ebay, Facebook groups or Car boot. I have already managed to sell quite a few bits. Also with a growing baby there will be lots of clothes that they will grow out of quite quick so why not sell them of course keep any sentimental items but other bits can be sold to make some money for new bits.

5) Sign up to various baby or parenting clubs or voucher websites as you can get some really good vouchers. Just remember vouchers only work if you actually need the item you are getting money off. So don't go mad buying things because they are cheap when you don't actually need them.

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