Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mummys Money Saving Tips #2

Here are some more money saving tips I have found recently.

1) Bulk cook meals, For example if I ever make Chilli or Lobby things like that are easy to freeze. I always make extra and freeze it so that there is something ready to heat up and eat in the freezer to save buying a take away or buying those ready made meals.

2) Only take money out of the bank when you need it. I use to pay for everything on my card and you easily loose track of how much money you actually spend. Now I try to only draw out £10 - £20 a week and keep it in my purse so I can try and keep an eye on how much I spend and where I spend my money.

3) I have also recently seen a online banking tip called "Rounding Down" Say you have £324.56 in your account you transfer £4.56 in to a different savings account. So you round the balance down to the nearest 10 or 5. I am going to try this out once a week when I get paid for a month and see how much money I manage to save.

4) Shop cheaply- Don't be a shop snob, Places like Home bargains and B&M are great at getting brand products at a fraction of Boots and supermarket prices. Whether its food products or toiletries or home cleaning products.

5) Use cheaper nappies. Although we have only just started using nappies we have been using nappies from Aldi, I have heard lots of good reviews for them and for a pack of 24 nappies at £1.99 you can't go wrong really can you.

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