Saturday, 23 June 2012

Letters To My Son #3

Dear My Beautiful Thomas

Well baby boy you are here you have been like a whirlwind in our lives and you have completely taken our lives and house and we love it. Even though you are nearly 4 weeks old now I still can't stop looking at you I can't quite believe you are our son.
You have met nearly all of your family now and everybody is completely in love with you, you have already been completely spoilt by everybody they have bought you so many lovely presents and you now have more clothes than mummy and daddy put together the only shame is you have hardly any that fit just yet even the newborn stuff is a bit too big hehe. everbody we see tells us how beautiful you are and how content you seem because you are such a good boy, I'm such a proud mummy.
You are such a clever little boy since day 1 you have been holding your head up on your own for a couple of minutes at a time and now you can hold it up for ages whilst you look around your surrounding being nosey. Over the last couple of days you have been trying your hardest to smile and laugh especially when your daddy and I are being silly with you. You have also started to copy our facial expressions and have started to lick your tongue when we do it to you.
The health visitor came to see you on Wednesday and you were weighed again and you are now 9lb6 your are growing lovely you were 7lb14 when you were born and have put on weight every week you will be a big boy soon.
Well Thomas I had better go now so I can grab some breakfast now whilst your are asleep before you wake up again.

All my love

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