Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Life As A New Mum

I knew having a baby would mean my life would change forever. I am now responsible for this little human being, to make sure he is fed, clean, looked after, warm, safe, happy and loved. Yeah i've baby sat for my little brother and looked after younger cousins but nothing prepares you for having a baby of your own.
I feel like a completely different person than the one I was just 3 weeks ago. I am constantly thinking about my Son his needs come before mine. David and I often find its dinner time before we realise that we haven't had anything to eat and then we think about getting dressed.
Being a mum is harder than I thought it would be, trying to work out whats wrong with your little one when he crys I find myself going through a list of possibilites in my head. You also find yourself getting worried over the tiniest little thing. It's tiring surviving on a few hours sleep a night as Thomas is waking 3 times a night at the minute and it can take anywhere up to a hour to feed him, wind him, change his nappy and then settle him back off to sleep again. So I am feeling a bit sleep deprived at the minute, people keep saying you should sleep when your baby sleeps but I find too many other things to do first like cleaning bottles, washing clothes and dishes and trying to tidy up. I also try to have a bit of me time watch a bit of tele and have a little nosey on the internet to stop me going mad with baby brain.

Ultimately becoming a Mummy has been the best thing I have ever done. Everytime I look at Thomas I feel like the luckiest person in the world, I feel so overwhelmed with love I actually can't stop looking at him :) Listen to me gushing *blushes*

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