Thursday, 19 July 2012

How Does A Mummy Get Anything Done?

Seriously! Where are you suppose to find the time to do everything that needs to be done around the house as well as look after a small baby. Its often 12pm before I've realised I haven't even had my breakfast never mind got dressed or even thought about tidying up.
So I have been looking around the Internet and other blogs so see if I can find some easy to stick do cleaning rotas. The best ones I have found is on and in particular her Housewife labels. In one particular post she details her daily cleaning routine which is rather simple to follow its basically doing things as you go along so your cleaning doesn't build up. This is one of the simplest of things that I always seem to fail to do. So I am hoping with a little inspiration from her I can keep to my own cleaning rota.

So Starting from today I am going to attempt to stick to a cleaning rota. I will try to keep up with cleaning as I go along and that way things shouldn't build up and cleaning shouldn't really take me too long.

Clean kitchen thoroughly and hoover and mop floors.(Floor in bathroom will also be hoovered and mopped as they are next to each other)
Sort through fridge and throw away any out of date food.
Sort and washing out and get it done.

Hoover living room and dining room.
Tidy any of Thomas's toys away that aren't being played with or used.
Run a duster around.
Clean mirror

Tidy dinning room
Throw away any unimportant letters that have been left lying around.
Do any washing that needs to be done.

Hoover both bedrooms through
Empty bins upstairs
Put away any clothes that have been left lying around
Dust bedrooms.

So If I manage to stick to this it shouldn't me more than an hour a day to keep the house spic and span and I should hopefully be able to get all this done whilst Thomas is having his naps.
I will also get Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off (Obviously I will still tidy as I go along)

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