Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Is Breast Always Best?

*Please note these are my own opinions*

Towards the end of my pregnancy when I started to think about how I would feed Thomas it seemed the only option for me would to breastfeed it gets pushed on to pregnant ladies so much you feel like its the only thing you should do, even considering bottle feeding seems like it is frowned upon by many midwives but for some women it just doesn't seem to work.

After I gave birth I had skin to skin with Thomas and he latched on properly himself and I thought wayhayy this is going to be a doddle. How wrong was I? The next day we tried feeding him again and he seemed to forgot what to do. I did have lots of midwives on hand to help which did help with showing me what do to but I felt like I had to force Thomas's head to stay in place which I didn't like to do, he kept wanting to pull away and just suck the very end of the nipple which began to make me sore. The more I moved Thomas away for get him latched on properly the more he screamed in frustration and the more I got frustrated. We then saw a breastfeeding nurse who showed me different positions none of which Thomas really liked.
The whole experience was beginning to make me sore I was beginning to dread feeding time. On day 2 Thomas decided not to latch on at all but the midwife still kept thrusting him on me make my nipples so sore having to deal with that as well as a sore tummy from having a Cesarean was beginning to get me down. I then had rather a moody midwife who told me to express some milk and then she didn't actually stick around to show me how. When I couldn't express anything because my milk hadn't come in they decided to feed him some formula to make sure he was getting some food.

I stuck at breast feeding over the next few days and when I went home I began to get really down and teary over it and absolutely dreaded the next time he would need a feed because it was so painful. I persevered and tried to use a Tommee Tippee hand pump which was next to useless and didn't work.
When I next saw the midwife I explained the problems that I was having and I asked about turning to bottle feeding as it was beginning to get too much for me, I was quite suprised when she had a positive reaction, she told me to do whatever was best for Thomas and I. So we changed to the bottle to take some pressure of me. I did try to still do a couple of breast feeds during the next couple of days even though Thomas and I were a lot calmer as he wasn't as hungry it was still very difficult to get him to latch on.

I made the decision to stop breast feeding to be honest I felt awful about it and got very teary when I spoke to my husband about it, I felt like I was failing. The health visitor made me feel better though as she told me Thomas had the best stuff, the colostrum during the first few days. Looking back now though I know I made the best choice by stopping as I would have got more and more down and you don't want anything spoiling your first few weeks as a new mum.

Will I give it a go in the future? Of course I will, I will try again with my next child if that doesn't work and I was to have more children I would still try. I'm not completely against breast feeding. It just didn't work for me and Thomas this time.

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  1. well done you for trying! it is far harder than anybody realises and it doesn't work for a lot of mums. xx


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