Sunday, 22 July 2012

Make My Heart Melt

A few days ago David and I were traveling home after tea at my dads when David started to try and explain the love he felt for Thomas and it truely made me melt. He described it as a different love from what he felt for me obviously he covered himself by saying he loves me lots and lots but the love he feels for Thomas is completely different he said he thinks about him all the time and when he is at work or just pops out for a little while he misses Thomas.

I know what he means it's a completely overwhelming kind of love, the love you feel for a child nothing on this earth compares to it. It is an unconditional love, a protective love I would go out of my way to protect him from after all he is my baby boy and he depends on me even when he is in his 30's I will still feel this way.

Thomas only has to look at me and give me that cheeky little smile of his and I instantly melt. He will certainly know how to work his Mummy and Daddy when he is older.

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  1. I completely agree! I love josh more than anything! :) Also did you get my email about the stuff youve bought from my blog sale? :) xo


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