Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Mummy Diaries 5/7/2012

I thought I would start a weekly diary where I write about my week so again it's something for me to look back on and remember what it was like being a new mum. I will probably write my diary entry every Sunday as that's the end of the week.

This week has been very tiring Thomas has been rather grizzly especially in the evenings. He doesn't let himself fall to sleep easily so I think it's just that he's letting himself get over tired, but I think also he has had a bit of a bad belly but I think that's going or gone now.

On Saturday night I had a couple of hours of and went out for a drink and yummy ice cream with my friend Jo. It was the first time I had been out for a couple of hours since before Thomas was born. Although I did miss him it was nice to just get out of the house for a couple of hours and to be Sarah not just mummy. It was the first time David had been on his own for any length of time at night which is when Thomas is hardest to settle and he coped really well which I knew he would. I think he just panics and worries that Thomas will be difficult and won't settle, but he really has nothing to worry about he's great with him.

I opened Thomas his very first bank account on Monday too as its never to early to start saving for his future.

Yesterday the parent practitioner came to do a bit more baby massage but I haven't really had much chance to do any yet with him because he doesn't like being fussed about with yet and it gets him more worked up than calming him. I will persevere though as it would be nice to use it before bed so he knows in the future that is part of his bedtime routine.

I had a tattoo yesterday which I posted a photo of on here last night. It's given me the bug again I'm already thinking about one that I want on my foot but I'm going to hold off until Christmas I have to space them out or else I would be covered before long.

I'm going to my dads tonight as sort of a birthday tea because it's my birthday on Saturday but I'm going to Barnsley at the weekend to see davids family because it's also his birthday on Monday and plus his family haven't seen Thomas since just after he was born and his aunties and nan haven't seen him at all yet. So the little boy will be having endless cuddles off them all this weekend :)

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