Friday, 6 July 2012

My Cesarean Experience

If you read my birth story post you would know that a cesarean was not what I was wanting when I was going through my birth plan with the midwife. I had wanted a nice active calm labour and didn't really give any thought to a C-section as I was thinking I would be doing it all naturally. Thomas had other ideas though (Birth Story)
Having a Section was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. Obviously it was scary as it was an emergency c-section but there was no pain when they were actually delivering Thomas as I was able to have some of the glorious gas and air as they were giving me the epidural and then I went numb.

When Thomas had been born we were taken to recovery until I started to get some feeling back in my legs which I think took a couple of hours and even then it was only very slight movement. We were then taken to the ward to try and get some sleep. In the morning I was able to move my legs quite well but thankfully I still had no feeling in my tummy. Mid morning a midwife came to remove my catheter and drip which wasn't very pleasant, I was then encouraged to have a shower. I was a little shaky on my feet at first but taking it slowly I was fine.
I was taking paracetamol and Diclofenac which is an anti-inflammatory and I also had to give myself injections to stop my blood from clotting as I wasn't able to get up and walk that much. I also had some rather sexy green support stockings to wear. The pain killers only took the edge of the pain for a short time after the epidural had completely worn off so walking was rather painful and I couldn't straighten up properly.
Sleeping or trying to sleep was pretty awful thank god for hospital beds moving I had to sleep pretty much sitting up because lying flat was pretty impossible. During my stay in hospital I tried to move about as much as possible so that I wouldn't seize up.

Once we were discharged and were at home things were a little more difficult during the first week. We have quite a low settee so sitting down and getting back up was really painful. David had to take Thomas off me before I could stand up.
Getting in and out of bed and doing the night feeds was something I dreaded as it put quite a lot of pressure of my tummy so David had to help me with that too.
After a couple of days at home I started to get a bit down as I was in what seemed like constant pain my tummy was so painful still along with sore boobs. I just felt crap and looking after Thomas was a struggle as I couldn't just get on and do things I had to rely on David which was frustrating for me. I'm so so glad he had 4 weeks off work.
When I took the dressing off the pain was much worse as there was nothing supporting the wound and to make matters worse I had the stitches with the beads at the end which caught on everything. On the Saturday which was a week since the section I had my stitches removed made everything a lot easy and also I found it much easier to move about and I could start doing more.

Over the few weeks the pain got less and less moving about was much easier as my scar started to heal. Now nearly 6 weeks after the section I barely have any pain now, occassionally I forget myself when I sneeze and that hurts you need to support your scar when you sneeze and in the early days also when you cough.

With my next pregnancy I would definately rather have a natural birth if that is possible, but if I had to have another cesarean it wouldnt be that bad. Having a baby is more than worth the pain

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