Saturday, 14 July 2012

Never To Early For A Book

Long before Thomas was born I have been picking up little books for him mostly from Charity shops or if I see them on Sale anywhere. When he's a little older I will start adding a bedtime story in to his bedtime routine.
My parents always read with me which I think gave me my love of books and I have always been a good little reader. So I think this is important for me to take time and read books with Thomas to get him off to a good start ready for when he starts school. Yes I know it's a long way off but like I say it's never too early.
So during my last trip to Matalan I notice they had a stand with lots of cheap books so I picked a few up for Thomas to add to his growing book collection.

We had a little read through one of the books. He loved looking at the big bright pictures he couldn't take his eyes off them.

As you can see they are cheap as chips so I would definately recommend you go check out the books in Matalan. Let me know if you come across cheap books in other places too :)

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