Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Mummy Diaries 22/7/12

Where are these weeks going? We are nearly at the end of July already and my baby boy is 8 weeks old already!

So what's been happening lately well Thomas has been for his first trip up north to see David's family we went on the 7th by train, his very first train journey too, not that he saw any if it he slept the whole way there and back. He was such a good boy even when people were playing pass the parcel with him.

Last Thursday we went for his 6 week check and everything is fine with him growing beautifully, the next thing is his 8 week jabs this Wednesday which I am not looking forward too I don't want my baby in pain. But u know it's all worth it.

We have been on a couple of outings this week too. On Monday we went to the local town to meet up with 2 friends and what a palarva it was getting about in the shipping centre with a pushchair is awful. It was the first time I've been up properly with Thomas and using the lifts was a right faff there is also one set of toilets with baby changing which was right on the top floor and only one working lift! Not fun!

On Wednesday we went for dinner with another 2 friends and Thomas was such a good boy although as usual he decided he was hungry as soon as my dinner came! Why do babies do that?

He makes me such a proud mummy everybody is always cooing over him even complete strangers when we are out and about. I want to get out a bit more now the weather is better. So I'm going to start going for walks in the hope it will start toning me up to so I will let you know my progress.

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