Thursday, 5 July 2012

Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

If you had of asked me back in May what I would miss about being pregnant I would have said absoutely nothing. I was 14 days overdue and permantly uncomfortable suffering from terrible heartburn all the time. Not being able to put fasten my own shoes and my fingers being so swollen I couldn't even wear my wedding ring.
But now looking back at my pregnancy I had it very smooth and now I have a couple of friends who have recently announced they are pregnant and seeing their updates on facebook and twitter has made me actually miss being pregnant.

So what do I actually miss. 

*My bump believe it or not, even though in the last couple of months I was fed up of feeling like a hippo and hardly being able to lift myself of the settee (We definately need a higher one before baby number 2 in the future) My Son was in that bump growing in to the beautiful baby boy he is.

*The kicks, even though they were uncomfortable at times and kept me awake past 1am most mornings. It was my son moving about and stretching and I loved it. Lets face it, its a very very special thing Daddys will never know what it feels like.

*The Ultrasound scans. That first time we saw our baby at the 12 week scan David and I both welled up seeing this tiny little thing fluttering about on the screen was the most amazing thing ever. Wondering how he/she would look and what they would be like when they were born. Then the 20 week scan was even more wonderful when the sonographer told us we were having a little boy.

*Midwife appointments. Even though peeing in a pot every couple of weeks was a pain. I got to hear my babys heartbeat and have him checked over to make sure that everything was ok and that he was growing nicely.

*The anticipation and excitement of what to expect, wondering who he will look like and what it will be like to become parents for the first time.

*Shopping, buying all of the things our little boy would need. I use to look at his clothes all of the time take them out of the drawers unfold them, fold them imagining what he will look like in certain outfits.

Pregnancy is the most amazing thing ever and I'm already looking forward to the next although not for at least 2 or 3 years. The end result a beautiful baby is worth all the morning sickness, heartburn, sleepless nights and stretch marks.

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