Sunday, 29 July 2012

Thomas's 2 Month Up Date

On the 27th July Thomas turned 2 months old, I can't believe how fast time is going. Everday I look at him and he seems to be getting bigger and more beautiful :)

So what's happened in his second month. He has had his 6 week check and everything is great with him he is growing nicely. On the 25th he has his 8 week injections and he was such a good boy we had a few tears but he was soon smiling at me again after but got a big niggly in the evening and didn't want to be put down so he had lots of mummy cuddles all night and the day after he woke up in a good mood again :)

Thomas's head and neck are getting stronger all the time he can keep his head up for ages now and it's not very wobbly anymore. He is a very smiley baby he loves being played with and talked to and he is almost laughing now. It makes my heart melt everytime he smiles at me he is absolutely gorgeous.

He is now drinking 5oz bottles of milk and is going about 3& 1/2 to 4 hours between feeds and at night he is sleeping pretty much straight through. Most nights he drops off about 9 and then wakes around 11ish for a bottle and then around 6 so I am getting more sleep which makes for a happy mummy :)

Cheeky chops

Feeding time is getting a little difficult if the television is on as he seems to be more interested in corrie than his bottle :)

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  1. Ah what a little sweetheart :) You forget so quickly what they're like when they're tiny, I'm gonna have another one shortly so it's lovely to read about :) x


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