Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tommee Tippee Powder Dispensers

If you have a baby you will know when it comes to going out anywhere for any length of time you need to take absolutely everything but the kitchen sink with you. For me taking feeds is the most faff, I first bought an Avent Milk powder dispenser which looks like this. Click Here

 Now I do like this it's handy if you are going on a short trip as it only holds three feeds worth of powder. So when I was going anywhere for any length of time I still had to take my big bulky tin of powder which when you already have a big changing bag full of a variety of things is far too bulky.

So after seeing these I knew I had to get them.
They are handy little tubs that you put your powder in and they sit inside the bottle each tub can hold up to 8 scoops so they will last you until your little one is on 8oz and they fit inside the 260ml bottles.

Now there is a couple of ways you can use these, you can either fill the bottle with boiling water and keep it in an insulated bag to keep the water at the right temperature if you are going to be using them within a few hours, Or you could keep the boiling water in a flask and pour in to the bottle when you need it then you just remove the lid on the dispenser and then pour in to your bottle and give it a shake and then let it cool down until its the right temperature for your baby.

I personally think these are great and well worth the £3.99 I paid for 6. You can also use them at home as they just make the whole process of preparing a feed a lot quicker when you have a baby demanding his bottle.


  1. i looked at getting these but i read lots of reviews saying that you can't fit 8 scoops of formula in there (my baby was on 8oz by then)... have you tried? also if the bottle has 8oz of water in, does the powder pot fit in without the water spilling out, thats another thing i read! i'd be interested to know! x

  2. Hi
    Thank you for your comment. Thomas is on between 4 and 5oz at the minute and these fit great. I tried to put the tub in with 8oz of water in the bottle and the water did overflow. I would also say the max amount of powder you can fit in the tub would be 7scoops. So these probably wouldn't be suitable for you if your little one is on 8oz :)

  3. he's on less milk now as he is 10 months old so we're well underway with weaning - he only has a bottle first thing in the morning and last thing at night so i have no need to take them with me out of the house anymore. it's good to know that I was right not to buy them for us though! i'm glad they work so well for you now :-) it is a great idea! x


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