Monday, 16 July 2012

Yummy mummy - Sale Bargains.

After 9 months of not really being able to buy any nice pretty clothes due to my expanding bump, as soon as I gave birth and started to loose weight I couldn't wait to buy myself some nice new clothes. With a new baby and being on Maternity pay as you know money is a little tight but we all deserve treats once in a while, so you just have to be clever when your spending your money. I have been busy buying some new bits from Ebay (I will be doing a seperate post on that) but after having money for my Birthday I had a quick little look in the sales to grab myself some bargains.

Here's what I got

I got 2 tops from Matalan for £8 each. I love these pastel shades, These tops are a little sheer but not so sheer you can see absolutely everything underneath.

From Tesco I got this beautiful sheer chiffon style mint green blouse which was reduced down to £4!
A gorgeous Ombre effect Jumper that was reduced to £7 I love that it has 3/4 length sleeves too
And finally I got these shoes in the style of Toms but for a fraction of the price at £8.

I have refrained from going proper shopping to save a bit of money but to be honest i'm much more enjoying bargain hunting on Ebay at the moment. Infact you could say I am a little obsessed! A post to come on that soon.


  1. Love those tops sarah, this is such a cute blog xx



  2. Loving the bargains! And I am also really enjoying red your blog.. I always look forward to the next post :) keep them coming!

  3. Aww thank you thats so nice of you, I will do xx


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