Thursday, 30 August 2012

Yummy Mummy - Dead Sea Spa Magik- Overview and Facial Products

About A month ago I was kindly sent these products to review so although I didn’t purchase them with my own money my review will be honest.

The thing that first attracted me to trying out these products from Spa Magik was that they are all natural products with no added nastiness they don’t contain Parabens and they have certified organic ingredients. The products are also fragrance free which I like especially for products I use on my face as I don’t like using strong smelling products

One ingredient that I did like the sound of was their Harmonised Water™ which is one of their main ingredients and is what makes them so unique.

I was sent products for dry skin and here is what they sent me.


Dead Sea Bath Salts
Dead Sea Salt brushing scrub


Cleansing Bar
Mud Mask
Delicate Boosting Mask
And sachets of Body Lotion, Hand cream and Super night cream
So first I am going to talk about the facial products.


First up is the cleansing bar, it’s not a soap it is a cleansing bar you can also use this to take off your make up and it’s not just for your face you can also use it on your body if you would like. I can’t comment on heavy eye make up as I don’t wear it. I have been using this along with a muslin cloth and it seems to work well it leaves my skin feeling refreshed but soft. Over all I do like this product but for me like soap I don’t like to leave things like this lying around in a bathroom and after A while the box will get soggy so I will have to find another container to keep it it.

The next thing I tried was the face mask, I love a good pamper session with a face mask and this one was great. My face felt a lot softer after I had used this for about 10 minutes even the dry patches on my forehead and chin.


As you can see it’s not a heavy clay sort of mask which I like.


After I used the mask I applied the moisturiser what I love about this is it doesn’t leave your face feeling greasy afterwards like I have noticed with some moisturisers for dry skin, they seem to think because you have dry skin you want a greasy face.


It is a lovely consistency not to thick and not too runny and as I have said previously it is fragrance free just what I like for my facial products.


Keep an eye out for my next post where I will review the bath salts and salt brushing.

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