Monday, 6 August 2012

#mealplanningmonday Week 1

So as you have probably read in previous posts I am on a monday saving mission and I am attempting to cut my food bills. I had heard lots of bloggers on Twitter using the above hash tag on Mondays (obviously) so I have decided I am going to join in.

Monday - Garlic Chicken using Maggi So Juicy packet. I have had this in the cupboard for so long so it needs using up. With some potatoes and vegetables.

Tuesday - Free night Dinner at my dads

Wednesday - Tomato and Tuna Pasta bake

Thursday - Chilli Con Carne

Friday - Sausage, cheesy mash and baked beans

Saturday - Fake-away Frozen pizza, Chips and Garlic bread

Sunday - Pork chops, potatoes Vegetables and gravy


  1. INTRIGUED with the fake take away frozen pizza and chips with garlic bread, but is all sounds GREAT!

    1. Its just a money saving idea have a takeaway at home and it cost less that a fiver instead of having aproper takeaway and costing double that

  2. oo sounds like a good week!! x

  3. Good for you for being so healthy! I always try to be healthy but this weekend was a bit of a crash =|

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


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