Monday, 13 August 2012

#mealplanningmonday week 2

So for those of you who are interested here is what we will be eating this week. Last week went pretty well just a couple of nights I swapped the meals around.

Monday - Tuna pasta bake
Tuesday - Boiled egg and toast
Wednesday -Chilli
Thursday - Beans on Toast
Friday - Toad in the hole
Saturday - Fakeaway
Sunday Chicken dinner

The meals this week are kinda boring because David isn't going to be here for tea most nights so I will just be having something quick and easy


  1. Ooooh boiled eggs! I haven't had one of those for ages - will definitely have to remedy that soon.


  2. What takeaway will you have? Im so looking forward to Indian Friday x

    1. we have a fakeaway basically just get a pizza and chips from supermarket instead of having a proper takeaway so only a fraction of the cost x


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