Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Mummy Diaries - 5/8/2012

Where has this week gone? Where did July go? I cant believe it is August already!.

On Wednesday we went to see one of my friends for an hour or so just to have a catch up and to speak to another female as I am living in a house full of smelly boys it was much needed.

Then Thursday I took Thomas to our local market as they are doing a baby and toddler competition so we have entered him in to that. I’m not really expecting him to win as the only way you can vote is to go in to the market. Which is a bit crap but hopefully they photographer took some good photos so we can purchase one so the sitting was basically free which is good..

Yesterday David’s family came down to see Thomas so we had a lovely day we went out to lunch and they we had a walk around a local garden centre which has some lovely little trinket shops there. Thomas loved being centre of attention as usual and enjoyed lots of cuddles off his Nana and Auntie and he was also super duper cute for them babbling away full of smiles.

This last week he has really found his voice and once he starts he doesn’t shut up it is so, so cute. It’s like you can have a proper conversation with him. He is growing up so quick I don’t like it. I can’t believe he is 10weeks old now!

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