Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Thomas's First Year Scrapbook

Before Thomas was born I was planning on doing a Project 365 for his first year. But in reality that proved harder than I first thought I didn't have time for blogging in the first few weeks and I lost tract of all the photos I was taking but I still wanted to record his first year so instead I decided to make a scrapbook and each month I am printing the photos off and creating this little memory book.

This is a few photos from the first month.

Do not ask why these pictures have turned out like this I can't for the life of me get them the right way round.

I didn't buy a normal scrapbooking book I just bought a sketch book from The Range it has quite thick pages so it's pretty good for this time of project.
All of the embellishments in the scrapbook such as the lettering you can see are all off different sellers on ebay and we all only a few pounds for little packets full of stuff. I am building up quite a collection of things in my craft box now.

I am a little behind on month 2 at the minute I have all of the photos printed and ready but so far I haven't really had much time to get stuck in as Thomas doesn't have long naps anymore like he did when I did month 1 so I will have to find sometime when Daddy is around to get stuck in because before I know it, it will be time to get started on Month 3!


  1. that's a fab idea. i attempted a project 365 when my little girl was born but never got around to sorting out or uploading my pictures. have been trying to think of something nice to do with them instead of leaving them all on my laptop. Think I might have a go at one of these. thanks for the idea :)

  2. I have done one of these for my girls, my only problem is they are only 6 months old & I have over 1000 pics of them so choosing which photos to use proved too difficult so they're going to have about 20 books for each year!!

  3. this is such a cute idea! i really want to do one of these :) x

  4. He is gorgeous and what a fab idea :) xxx

  5. What a great idea.. Your son is gorgeous and i'm sure he will enjoy looking back at this in years to come. I was thinking of starting a scrapbook for my little one but as you said finding the time is just so hard.


  6. This is gorgeous Sarah!! I did Charlie a my first year book. Its amazing looking back seeing how he has grown!!

    Love Soph xx


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