Saturday, 11 August 2012

Yummy Mummy - Shopping My Stash

I have always enjoyed watching empties videos on Youtube for some reason, I'm not really sure why but I do I suppose it's a good way to see why products people are really enjoying using because they must use them day in day out.

Whereas I am the sort of person who buys new products before the old have ran out so I end up throwing lots of things away when they go bad. I am trying to change that though because I simply can't afford to keep buying lots of new things so I am going to start shopping my stash and using up my existing products. So I thought it may be interesting for you to see what I am currently using.

So these products I have chosen are mostly half used and need to be used up pretty soon. The main one I am giving another chance is my Liz Earle, I want to reignite my love for it.
Another product I want to use up is my Natural collection tinted moisturiser. It's not great I think it only cost about £1.99 but it's been sitting in my collection for a while so I thought now the weather is too warm for me to wear foundation everyday I would give this ago.
I rarely use heat defence on my hair so this VO5 needs to be used up to try and get me in the habit of using protection every time I use heat on my hair.

So expect to see a follow up post to this when I have some empties to show you

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