Tuesday, 4 September 2012

3 Month Injections

Yesterday my big brave boy had his second lot of injections. He was suppose to have them 2 weeks ago but they got cancelled twice but he finally had to have them yesterday.

I hate seeing my baby in pain the first injections he really screamed but this time around we had a few tears after but not as bad as last time. He was still groggy for the rest of the day though and I think he kept remembering his legs were a bit sore because every so often he would cry. Nothing a cuddle with Mummy can't fix though :)

He slept really well last night though the injections must have really taken it out of him he slept from 7:39 until 6am.


  1. Ahhhhh it is heartbreaking when they are so tiny having injections. Glad he was not too unsettled for you though! xxx

  2. I know I hate it but its more than worth it


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