Wednesday, 26 September 2012

#BloggingBuddies Week 2

So we are know in to week 2 of #bloggingbuddies after A bit of A slow start I'm slowly beginning to feel better in myself. I have really lowered my carbs as before I use to eat a lot of bread for example some days I would have toast for my breakfast and then A sandwich for my lunch or beans on toast. So now I have cut down on bread I feel a lot better for it I feel a lot less bloated.

I was also very please to find out I had lost 1lb which isn't a lot but it's a start. I have been eating a good breakfast of Weetabix and a banana which I find quite filling and then I have been eating lots of salad. I am going shopping on Friday so I need to look up some new meals to make for myself as the hubby isn't home most nights as he works long days, so I still want to eat decent meals.

There is a Twitter party tonight at 8pm which I shall be joining in on to get some tips on exercise and nutrition, especially on the exercise front to see what else I can do that wont be too much for my tummy.

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