Sunday, 30 September 2012

Gummee Glove Review

A couple of weeks ago Thomas and I were sent this product to try out. Thomas has begun teething quite early and has always got his hands in his mouth and some times he forces his hand so far in his mouth he makes himself gag. We have already bought him some teething toys but he hasn't quite worked out what he needs to do with them yet, so when I heard about this product I thought what a brilliant idea.
The Gummee Glove was an idea of Jodine Boothby who is a new Mummy and when he son started teething quite young he was the same as Thomas and didn't really understand what to do with teething toys so after she put scratch mitts on his hands and saw him still sucking and chewing the mitts, that is when she came up with this idea.

As you can see the Glove comes with it's own little laundry bag so you can take the teething ring out and sterilize that using cold water sterilizing. Then the rest of the glove can be put in the bag and washed on a gentle cycle.

As you can see there is a teething ring with can be removed for sterilizing and also so you can pop it in the fridge to cool it down when your baby's gums are sore. The teething ring is then kept in place by a press stud.
There are also 3 other teethers attached with different textures on them.
The leopard print patch is also made of a russle material which adds something else to the Glove to make it a bit more appealing to babies.
The glove also has a velco fastening so that it's easy to slip on and off and you can alter it so it's not too tight.
When I first put it on Thomas's hand he looked a bit puzzled so I guided it to his mouth to show him what it was for and then he was away.

As you can see he got rather stuck in to it.

It is advised not to leave the glove on your babies hand too long as they are obviously still developing but after a while Thomas got a little frustrated with it anyway as he wanted to play with other toys.
You can find Gummee Gloves here and they are only £9.99 which I think is a bargain.


  1. he is sooooo cute
    and i havent seen them gummee glows before. cool

  2. What a great idea for a product. He looks like he enjoys it :D xx


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