Thursday, 27 September 2012

Letter To My Son–4 Month Update

Dear Thomas,
You are now 4 months old, 4 whole months I don’t know where this time is going but I wish it would slow down. You are growing and changing every single day I sit and watch you rolling around on the floor and wonder why my little baby who napped all day has gone.
You really have got the hang of this rolling over business as soon as I put you on the floor your over, which makes changing your nappy hard work now I turn my head to get a wipe and you’ve rolled over. One of these days I will turn my head and you will have crawled away. It wont be long until you are crawling just these last couple of days you’ve started getting on your knees and sticking your little bottom in the air, you just need a bit more strength to get you up.
I think sometimes you need to remember you are only 4 months old you get so frustrated when you cant do what your think you can do but it wont be long baby boy and we wont be able to stop you.
You can also now blow raspberries it is one of your favourite tricks and you love talking to everybody, or should I say shout at everybody. It’s like you can really understand us and you are telling us a really good story as you get so excited.
Over the last couple of days I have started giving you, your first tastes of food. You have been having your first spoonful's of baby rice and you are really enjoying it. I cant believe how easy it has been so far I just can’t wait for you to try new tastes as at the minute your rice does just taste of your milk.
I love you so, so much Thomas and even after a bad day when I’m wanting bedtime to hurry up as soon as your in bed I miss you. We are going to have to put you in your cot soon in your room. We have been putting it off for a while simply because that means your getting bigger and I wont be able to just peep over at you when I wake up during the night or I wont be able to fall asleep watching you sleep.
Infact I’m going to go up and have a little look at you now. I can’t believe I am so lucky I am truly blessed to be your mummy.
I love you little man
Mummy xx

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