Thursday, 20 September 2012

Naughty Kitty Cupcake Review

Last week I was having a chat with the lady Linzi behind the company Naughty Kitty and was offered the chance to review one of her lovely cupcakes.
You may be thinking yummy but these aren’t your normal cupcakes oh no Naughty Kitty makes cupcakes using baby clothes or lingerie.

Obviously I was sent a baby cupcake as that is what my blog is mostly about. Anyway when I opened the package I found this lovely little cupcake wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bow, How cute ay?

How cute a little t-shirt in a cupcake case and its decorated with little flowers eekk :)


I didn’t really want to undo it and spoil it but I had to


And here is what was inside. A lovely little top for Thomas it’s brand new with the tags still on. For the price of this cupcake which is £5.95 + £3P&P it is excellent quality and value.


 Like I mentioned above Naughty Kitty also do cupcakes with lingerie so I think these would be a fab little gift for hen nights if you would like to give your hens a little gift.

Here is a photo of Thomas wearing his new top :)



  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review x

    1. No problem thank you for the chance to review your product x

  2. This is such a lovely idea. Love it :) x


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