Saturday, 15 September 2012

No Mummy I Wont Lie Down

Because I'm not tired... Honest...
This is how Thomas fell asleep at my nans, because no matter what I tried he would not lie down without screaming, even though he was in a terrible mood and couldn't keep his eyes open.
Does anybody elses little one refuse to nap even though they can hardly keep their little peepers open? Thomas is the master at this, he tries his best to stay awake and ends up being so irritable.


  1. Yes my little girl has gotten into the habbit of doing this now. i have to distract her from falling asleep by rocking her whilst we do something else but if i lie her down she screams. she has only just started doing this the past week (she's 7 months) i have no clue where its came from! hope she grows out of it pretty quick! ;)

  2. Benny (4months) always does this at his Nonna's. Poor little things just need to know what's going on constantly.

  3. Jack has been like this especially for the last couple of days. He's refused to sleep in the day, maybe just having an hour No matter how hard I try, and also refusing to settle at night. x

  4. Lol x my little girl never sleeps in the day! Ever. Even when she can barely keep her eyes open... Just in case she misses something... Lol x


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