Saturday, 1 September 2012

Tuna Mash Bake

Serves 2
1 tins tuna in brine
1 tin sweetcorn
2/3 Large potatoes
Sweet chilli sauce
Salt & Pepper
Cheese to Sprinkle on the top
This is a mega easy and quick light meal all you need to do is boil and mash your potatos with milk and butter like you would normally and add salt and pepper.
Next take your can of tuna and drain the brine and mix in a bowl with ketchup and sweetcorn I added a bit of chilli sauce to give it a little kick then I mixes the tuna in to the mashed potatos and then put it in to a over proof dish and then sprinkle some cheese over the top and then put it in the oven on a low heat so that the cheese on the top melts and the potatos have been warmed through.
I like this because its quick and easy and suprising filling it may sound not very nice but it is its just like having tuna baked potato. You can either have it on its own or with a bit of veg to make it a bit more filling

1 comment:

  1. The addition of the sweet chilli sauce makes it sound rather interesting. I may have to try it. I've found your website via Brit Mums food bloggers. All the best with your quest for low cost meals Sarah.


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