Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Yummy Mummy - Product Wish List

I thought I would show you some products I am lusting after since doing some internet window shopping.

So what do I want.
Anne French Cleansing Milk, Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation, Real Techniques starter collection
Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, Argan Oil, MUA BB, MUA Eyeshadow primer
Revlon Lipbutter Sugar Frosting, Real Techniques Core Collection.
I have been lusting after these products for quite a while now but the ones I would like to try the most are the Real Techniques brushes, If you're interested these are buy one get one half price in Boots at the moment so you could get all these brushes for just over £30. I am seriously considering getting these as my one monthly treat this month or I might ask somebody in my family sweetly for Christmas ;)


  1. The wake me up foundation is good!

  2. The wake me up foundation is good!

  3. Sarah do it!!!! I brought the brushes a couple of weeks ago and I am in Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The MUA eye primer is good too.. I use the ELF one and tried this one to compare and i think i prefer the MUA one more! I am in Love with the Revlon lip butters too... they are so much nicer than lip stick and they do some lush colours... my favorite is the berry smoothie one. I tried the Wake me up foundation, it was good but i couldn't find a shade which suited me as well as the No7 one I use, the concealer is good though as well - the Rimmel foundation is on offer in Boots at the moment for £5.99.


    Love, Life and Laughs

    1. I've heard a few people say the shades aren't that great. I will have a look tomorrow but I think I have gone off the idea of it now. x

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  5. First of, congrats on being a mummy :) I have two boys and it can be challenging at times. My youngest boy just turned 1. Anyway, I want those techniques brushes too. Seriously thinking about it. I do love my sigma brushes. I also want to try that argan oil. Followed you from the blog hop. pls kindly follow back. :) Thank you.

  6. LOVE the Real Techniques brushes (I have most of the range) and the Wake Me Up foundation too. :) I use cold-pressed, organic argan oil on my hair, face and body and I swear it's the best thing EVER. Wish I'd started using it 20 years ago. :D

    Lovely blog - and congrats on being a mama! My little dude's 4 now, and being a mother is the best thing I ever did, however utterly exhausting and frustrating it can be at times. x


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