Baby Book Corner - Grumpy Jumpy Freddy Frog*

As you know if you have been following my blog for a while reading is very important to me and I want reading to be an important part of Thomas's life as he grows up, I hope to pass on my love of books to him. So I thought I may start doing book reviews of some of the books we read together.
So in this post I am going to talk about this book Grumpy Jumpy Freddy Frog written by Kate Thompson that we were sent by Top That Publishing to review. I believe when you are reading with children you should make story time fun use funny voices and interact with them as your reading. Nobody wants to listen to you drone on in a monotone voice especially not babies or small children.

I love these hand puppet books as you get to add a bit more to story time you can make them more fun and it is a great way of keeping a babies attention for longer. Thomas loved this book and once we had finished the story we carried on playing with the frog for a while and he was giggling his little head off. I think he will also enjoy this book in a couple of years when he is old enough to put his hand in to the frog and he can make the frog move.

The story is about a grumpy frog who is sad that he hasn't got any friends because he is so grumpy so he decides that he needs to change his ways to make friends with the other animals around the pond.
This book is full of bright eye catching illustrations perfect for keeping your childs attention. Babies especially need brightly coloured pictures to keep their attention. You can purchase this book here www.topthatpublishing.com for £6.29 which I think is a bargain for this type of book with the hand puppet. 


  1. Aw that looks great! I love reading and like you hope to pass that on to my little one as my other half hates it! ..I've even pre dowloaded all the roald dahl to my kindle because i loved them so much as a child.

  2. That looks like a great book.. I love the puppet books that are about. Just to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster blog award, you can find it here:


    Beki x


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