Bekl Smile Campaign

When I saw Bekl talking about their anti-bullying campaign on Twitter I knew I wanted them to spread their word on my blog. I think at some point in our lives we have all been bullied I know I have, so I want to try and help Bekl to spread the word of their upcoming campaign.

What is the Smile Campaign?

The Smile Campaign is an anti-bullying campaign starting on 12th October and launched by Bekl.
They are aiming to raise awareness and money for anti-bullying charity Beat Bullying, a charity which
helps many people in the UK fight through bullying. The Campaign is easy to join, just head to the
Bekl website (http://www.bekl.co.uk) and purchase your bracelet from Friday. They cost just £2.99
with AT LEAST £1 per bracelet donated to Beat Bullying. Wear your bracelet with pride and spread a smile.

What is Bekl?
Bekl is a surf inspired motivational bracelet maker, whose bracelets are purely designed not only to
be aesthetically pleasing, but to inspire and motivate the wearer.

Where can I get my bracelet?
Straight from the Bekl website – http://www.bekl.co.uk/shop

It’s really that simple, spread a smile and help raise money for anti-bullying charity Beat Bullying
– every little really does help, and the work they shouldn’t be underestimated. For example, just
£22 can help an emergency online counsellor reach out to a suicidal child before it’s too late. So
please help support such a great cause, and wear a smile with pride… and if you’re on twitter
You can find out more about Beat Bullying from their website http://www.beatbullying.org

I know I will be purchasing one on the 12th when they become available. Will you? I hope you will too every £1 helps. We can all do our bit to help a victim of bullying,

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