Book Review - The Lighthouse by Alison Moore

When Michelle from http://mummyratesit.co.uk/ asked if anybody would be interested in taking part in a blog linky where we would each read one of the books that had been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, I jumped at the chance I love to read and I thought it would be a great chance to read a book that I wouldn't normally think about reading. You see I'm normally an airy fairy chick lit reader so this would be a good chance to read something different.

There are 7 of us in this linky and here is what we chose

http://themcleanhalladventure.blogspot.co.uk/ who is reading Bring up the bodies
http://mummyisagadgetgeek.co.uk/ who is reading The Garden of Evening Mists.
http://babybishbosh.blogspot.com/ who is reading Swimming Home.
http://circusqueen.co.uk/ who is reading Narcopolis.
So let me tell you about The Lighthouse, This story is about a guy called Futh (You never get to find out his first name) who has recently split from his wife and who is going on a week long walking holiday, I suppose to gather his thoughts about his recent split.
During Fuths first night in Germany he stays in a hotel called Hellhaus where he sees the landlady Ester. They never really meet or talk but she is seen coming out of Futh's room by her husband who thinks she has been up to no good when infact she was just delivering some supper for Futh. This is also where you first hear of the little lighthouse he carries around with him, you later find out that this belonged to his mother and it is the only real reminder her has of her. The story is then sort of split in two and you hear Esters story too. Even though Futh and Ester virtually never meet or speak to one another but the whole story is about how they are connected.
Futh’s first full day of his walking holiday his thoughts of his wife Angela fill his head how they met, their marriage and how it failed.He also thinks about his life when he was younger growing up with just his father as him mother left them when he was younger.  
After Futh's week of walking and getting his head straight he heads back to Hellhous where he finds the consequences of the misunderstanding that happened between Ester and her husband.
This is a sad novel definitely not one to read if you are after a light, happy book. It's quite an easy read you don't really have to think about it very much. For a book that has been shortlisted for the Man Booker prize I thought it would be better than it was or maybe I just think this because it's not my normal kind of book?
If you would liketo read reviews of the other books you can read them here http://mummyratesit.co.uk/blog-linky-the-man-booker-shortlist/


  1. Sounds interesting. All the books that made it to the shortlist this year were supposed to have 'power in prose'. Would this apply to The Lighthouse? I'm glad to hear that it was readable (my book by Will Self was certainly not an easy read!) Thanks for taking part in the linky. Michelle x

    1. Not that I could really tell, or maybe I wasnt really looking for it

  2. This is probably the first of the shortlist I've heard described as readable! It's a pity you weren't much impressed but it's always a good move to get out of the comfort zone now and then.

    1. Yeah it was readable but it wasn't gripping or anything.

  3. Very jealous you chose the easily readable one!!


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