Changing Rooms

The time has finally come for my baby boy to leave us and move in to his own room. I have been putting it off for a while but he has outgrown his moses basket now. I wish we had room to but his cot in our room but as it is quite a big cot bed unfortunately there just isn't the space.

So last week I put him in his cot and I got quite teary even now as I type this I am my baby is growing far too fast I wish time would just slow down a little bit. I was suprised about how sad I feel about it I can't just have a little peak at him during the night when I wake up and I can't just fall asleep listening to him breathe...or rather snore (he sounds like his daddy after a few pints!) Even when I sit down stairs after he has gone sleep for some reason I miss him even more now he is in his own room, how silly does that sound?

How teeny does Thomas look in his cot.

Thomas has taken to his new enviroment pretty well when I give him his bottle before bed nearly every night he falls asleep after he has bought his wind up so I have been placing him in his cot when he has been asleep. When Thomas wakes for his bottle during the night it take's him a little longer to settle as he is so busy looking around. The one slight problem I'm having at the minute is that the curtains in his room are quite thin so he is waking when it starts getting light. So we need blinds for the rest of the house but we will be getting some for his room pretty soon.


  1. I remember that first night well...pretty emotional isn't it. Black out blinds are great or dunelm do some curtains that are great value! :)

  2. I totally agree with black out blinds. We have them for Gracie and Henry and they work wonders! Also the initial move is always the worst. I moved Henry into his bed last night from his cot and it was a shock for me! he does't seem old enough! but he managed with it really well. He looks so tiny in a huge single bed though!!

  3. It is hard at first, but getting him used to being in on his own while he is young really is best for you all. There will come a day when you are happy he settles well alone while other mums need to sit with baby to get him to sleep. I sound like such a heartless mother saying that! But it's true. They grow up fast. I use a sucktion cup travel black out blind. It was cheap on amazon and I couldn't live without it. xx


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