Funky Giraffe Dribble Bib Review*

Thomas has been teething since about 2 months, it's fairly normal for babies to start teething quite early on but they don't normally cut any teeth until a few months after. Normal bibs just aren't cutting it with Thomas anymore they are just too thin and I find I get through so many during the day it's ridiculous. I was going to buy some of the bibs with the plastic backing but I had heard some bad things about them, such as they don't wash very good.

I had heard about dribble bibs in the past but to be honest I didn't really give them another thought as I thought they were a bit gimmicky to try and get you to spend more money on something you don't really need when you have normal bibs.

When I was given the chance to review these I was interested to see what they would be like. Funky Giraffe bibs have so many different designs for both boys and girls from just plain bibs to ones with patterns and pictures on you are spoilt for choice. I was sent the ones below which I love I especially like the bib with the whale it's so cute. I love how unlike normal boring bibs these don't spoil your babies outfits they are really quite trendy.

These bibs are so soft you can tell they are a good quality, they are made with a super soft brushed cotton material which is lovely and soft and fits nice and snug around your babies neck. There are also poppers on these bibs instead of Velcro which is great if you have a clever monkey like me who can take Velcro bibs off.  The back of the bibs is made with a soft fleece material which ensures that no dribble seeps through which makes dribble rash a thing of the past.

If like me you are thinking normal bibs are just as good as these, I would strongly urge you to go with these as normal bibs don't protect your babies neck as good as these do. Funky Giraffe bandana bibs retail for £4 each (the XL version as a little bit more) but what's great with the site is the more you buy.

 Thomas loves his new bibs don't they look really fab :)

Funky Giraffe don't just do bibs they also sell romper suits, dresses, hats and much more all with funky designs on they so you will have the best dressed baby around.


  1. I have been using Funky Giraffe bibs since my little girl was 2 months, she is nearly 9 months now & i tell all my friends about them! they are fab! we have around 20 now, i just kept buying the new designs, they are great! glad to hear of another fan! :)

  2. I love the anchor one! that is gorgeous!

    Thomas has so much hair! the little cutie!!
    Love Soph xx


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