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www.isabellawatson.co.uk is a new online shop created by a lady called Sarah after she was getting frustrated with her current shopping options being a busy women she didn't have much time to go shopping and after a rather disappointing online shopping experience Sarah decided to create her own online shop.

" In theory it should be easy, but the reality is it can take just as long, if not longer, as you have to trawl through webpage after webpage before anything catches your eye, or know specifically what you want and go straight to it, all of which is, frankly, boring. When I recently did make a purchase online from a well known high street store, it's arrival a week (yes a week!) later was somewhat underwhelming. It arrived screwed up in what can only be described as a plastic bag, with some grubby invoice shoved in too for good measure. Clearly no care or attention had gone into it, yet after delivery charges, it had cost me more money than buying the same product in store, where a polite shop assistant would fold it nicely into a bag with a smile, while asking me if I have found all I was looking for today. Why do we accept this inferior service from online shops?"

I have to agree with Sarah, I don't really like shopping online very much because of the points she has made like the poor delivery and the fact that some shops you have to pay to return a product so why would bother ordering online when it will cost you more than just going to your local town. That's one of the good things about Isabella Watson they offer free 3 day delivery which I think is fab you don't get many online stores that offer that.

"We should feel excited by our online purchases and look forward to the parcel arriving, not feel anxious incase it doesn't meet our expectations. Every item sold on Isabella Watson is lovingly hand wrapped in tissue paper, regardless of the price."

"Isabella Watson is designed to make online shopping fun, not a last resort. Every single product for sale has been personally picked by me as an item I would actually buy"

I love that Sarah is working hard to try and make online shopping an enjoyable experience. After all we all get excited when we see the postman walking towards our house with an armful of packages, why should it then be spoilt with crappy packaging we want the excitement to last until we get to our beautiful new garment.

I have been browsing the website and have picked some of the items that have really caught my eye.

I adore this Lucy Dress it's so cute and I think you could either dress it up for an evening out or you could dress it down with some black tights and a pair or little ballet pumps and a cute little cardigan.

How cosy does this mustard snood look? I've never owned anything mustard to be honest but I really love the look of this.

I love this statement bird necklace I think this would look great against a plain top for a simple way to change an outfit .

And finally this top caught my eye for my sister I think she would love this as she is a keen photographer and it's her birthday in November so I will be purchasing this for her on my next pay day at the end of the month.
On my blog I only talk about companies that I like the sound of and I really do like the sound of what Sarah is doing with Isabella Watson and I can't wait to make my first purchase from her soon so I will do a quick update of my shopping experience when I do.


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  1. The Lucy dress is absolutely stunning!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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