Our Weaning Journey

Being a first time parent it can be hard to know what to do for the best with you new baby, especially when you have so many people in your family who have already had babies and they do try and tell you what to do. I've had people telling me since 3 months that Thomas has been ready for food but I know that's not true plus his indigestive system wasn't ready at that young age.
It is recommended that weaning is started around 6 months but you can start from 4months, the earliest being 17 weeks. I wanted to hold off as long as possible really. Just lately though Thomas has been drinking loads of milk at night time, He drinks around 8oz at 7:30pm and then he was waking up again at midnight for another 6oz. So for me I knew milk wasn't doing enough for my son so after speaking to his Daddy too we agreed to start him on some baby rice with his bedtime bottle.
I sent off for the Hipp Organic and Cow & Gate weaning packs as they have lots of information in them and you even get a free spoon and a free packet of baby rice as well as lots of money off coupons.
Then one night when Thomas had been bathed and he was sitting comfortably and happy we tried rice for the first time. In the Cow & Gate book it says at first just give them a few spoonfuls after on of their bottles so that's what we did.

As you can see Thomas was loving it at first it was a bit weird for him after all he's been used to sucking from a bottle that's all he's ever know and now he's got to learn how to eat from a spoon.
For us the baby rice was a good place to start as it basically just tastes like his milk so he's not got to get use to eating from a spoon and a strong flavour right from the beginning.
Since trying his baby rice we are now trying baby banana and peach porridge and when he has got use to them we will add some purees in for some different flavours.
We also have our health visitor coming next week to go in to more detail about weaning as I told her I was starting to wean Thomas.

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