Séraphine Puffa Quilt Maternity Bag Review*

When you become a mum your old handbags take a back seat in favour of your changing bag. For my birthday I treated myself to a new bag and since then I've hardly used it I just can't be bothered to lug two bags about with me so I just put my bits that I need in to Thomas's changing bag. So you need to make sure that you have got a trendy and versatile changing bag as this will soon become your everyday handbag.
www.seraphine.com is a leading maternity fashion brand selling everything any Yummy Mummy or Yummy Mummy to be will need, to see them through pregnancy and beyond. They have some absolutely gorgeous maternity clothes for both casual everyday wear and some stunning evening dresses to prove you don't have to look frumpy and unfashionable whilst you're pregnant. I wish I had known about them when I was pregnant. Séraphine also have some beautiful clothes for if you are breast feeding, you know how some nursing clothes look really obvious with the flaps. Well if you saw somebody wearing some of the clothes on the website you wouldn't have a clue the lady wearing it was breast feeding.
The Séraphine Puffa Quilt Maternity Bag is the perfect trendy Yummy Mummy changing bag. It looks good on your arm, in fact I would say this particular bag is perfect for this time of year with the style and colour wouldn't you?
One of the best bits about this bag is that empty it only weighs 500g It is literally like holding air. I really love this part of the design some bags are so heavy before you even put the millions of things you need to carry around with you. Another great thing about this bag is that the straps are quite thick and padded so even when it's full the straps don't rub or dig in to your shoulders which is something I didn't like about my old bag.
The bag has lots of pockets inside which is exactly what you need for keeping all of your baby essentials organised. It has two quite big zip pockets as you can see in the picture above, also in between the zip pockets there is a little pouch where you can keep some of your items you want easy access to. 

There are also two pockets that come in pretty handy I use the smaller one to keep my phone in so I'm not rooting around in the bottom of the bag and the larger one to keep my keys in.

The changing bag also includes a Leopard print wipe clean changing mat which folds up quite small and I love the print, I'm quite partial to a bit of Leopard print. There is also a softly padded bottle warmer which matches the interior of the bag which is really cute I can't believe a bottle warmer can be fashionable. Both of these are changing bag must haves and I'm glad they come with the bag and you don't need to buy them separately.
When I first looked at the bag I thought this is never going to fit all the things I need for Thomas in it as it seems quite small, but it's a bit like a tardis even with all the essentials I normally take with me on a daily basis there is still space for lots more things.
This bag retails for £69.00 which I think is great for a changing and this one is certainly worth the money because think about it you will be using this bag on every outing until your baby is out of nappies and you don't need to take so much out with you. Plus like I said before you can even use this as a normal bag if you wanted to as it doesn't really look like a changing bag.
I'll also be doing a "What's in my changing bag" post featuring this bag very soon so keep an eye out for that.

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  1. You can buy some really gorgeous nappy bags, I loved the "yummy mummy" ones, my little boy recently turned one an I have hung my nappy bag up for good, I now have a sponge bob back pack which I carry around for him, it's very high fashion haha xxx


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