The Importance Of Tummy Time

This was a guest post I had originally done for Tummywithmummy http://www.tummywithmummy.com/

Tummy Time is an important part of a babys development it helps them to develop motor skills, strengthen their necks and helps them to learn how to push up ready for crawling.
At first Thomas didn't like tummy time he use to cry so I got down on the floor with him on my tummy and spoke to him and played with him that way and he soon got use to it and started to enjoy it.

Thomas has always had a strong neck when he was a few hours old he was lifting his own head and looking around for a few seconds when you picked him up obviously it was still a bit wobbly so you had to have your hand at the ready just incase.

The picture in my blog header was taken when Thomas was a few weeks old and he could hold his head on his own for quite a few minutes at a time.

Thomas is just getting stronger and stronger by the day he has been able to roll from his back to front and back again for the past couple of weeks now and know he spends more time on his tummy than his back in the day you just can't keep him on his back, after all he has a better view of the world from his tummy than staring at the ceiling.

The only problem now is he is getting increasingly frustrated because he can't move but I don't think it will be that long before he is off.

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