The Little Giants Height Chart Review

As A mummy I want to document every part of Thomas's life hence this blog and the scrapbook I am making for him. Part of watching him grow will be to measure his height often to see how my little man is growing.

Before Thomas was born I was wanting to get him a height chart but I could never find one that I like enough and to be honest there aren't really that many about that I can see.

I was recently sent this to review from www.thelittlegiants.co.uk who you can also find on Twitter here @littlegiantgift . Meet Jeremy Giraffe isn't he so cute!

What I first love about their products and not just the height charts is that they can be personalised which is great if you have a child with an unusual name that you can't normally find in the shops. The second thing is that they have some great eye catching and colourful designs perfect for a childs bedroom.
Now when I first put the chart up it was so easy to do carefully peel the top of the backing paper and line it up on your wall, you will need a measuring tape but I will get on to this. Once in place smooth it down and then gently pull the backing off with one hand and I found it easier to smooth the chart on to the wall with my other arm.
You will need a measuring tape or ruler as the chart starts at 50cm so you will need to measure how far up on your wall to stick the chart.

 So I took my measuring tape and measured it wrong...(I was never any good at maths...) So I carefully took it off the wall and thats when disaster stuck and that crumpled up mess happened. There is one thing I can say for this WOW it is sticky. Thankfully the chart is made from quite a durable vinyl material (I think) So I could carefully unstick it all and it didn't rip or stretch out of shape.

Ta daaaa here it is looking great on Thomas's wall good as new after the sticky drama. As it did come off the wall quite well you would be able to move it if needed so I shall be keeping the backing paper and tube it came in just incase we ever move in the future.

Little Giants produce all different sorts of personalised gifts for children such as backpacks, lunchboxes, reward charts, placemats and dinner sets. I've also noticed that the site have wall art coming soon so I will be checking them out when they go live of the site as I love this design and I think some wall art along with this height chart will really brighten up Thomas's room.

As you can see Thomas loves it.

This wall chart retails for £19.99 on The Little Giants website, which I think is a really good price for what you are getting a personalised chart. The design is really sharp and bright so you can tell it is a really good quality product. If you follow @littlegiantgift on Twitter they are currently holding a competition to win a personalised lunchbox which ends the end of October.

Any products I am sent for reviewing purposes I always give my honest opinions

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