When Did Your Baby First Roll Over?

For any new mummy you never know when to expect your new baby to reach the various development milestones. Head over to Wriggley Rascals to have a read of my guest post on there, where I talk about when Thomas first began to roll over and what I think helped him to get there. You can read my full post here http://www.wrigglyrascals.com/blog/2012/10/when-did-your-baby-first-roll-over/
Also there is a little survey you can complete here all about when your little bundle of joy started to roll http://tiny.cc/wriggly145c to share your experience and to give other mums support.

1 comment:

  1. I think Rio is going to miss rolling out, he's learnt to sit up and will now lean forward and try to go on all fours..before face planting atm!! Bless him.. But when it comes to laying down he just isnt bothered, he tries to sit himself up.. he's always done the half roll over thing but moved on and missed it out i guess.. oh well. x


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