Monday, 29 October 2012

Yummy Mummy - 17 Holo Nail Polish Review

After trying and failing to get my hands on the Gosh Holographic Nail Varnish both the original and the re-released versions.  I opted for the next best thing, I had heard a lot of bloggers talk about the Holo Polish by 17 so when I was next in Boots I picked up a bottle for just £3.99.

I've tried my hardest to capture the effect but it's not really working for me but it is really pretty I love it! It looks so different in different lighting. I can't compare it to the Gosh version as like I said I've never been able to try it but I have found a really good comparison here

The photo above was just in natural day light with no flash and the photo below was with flash you can see the effect a little better below.

I found that I only needed two coats for a good coverage and it applied smoothly although the consistency is a little on the thin side. The only downside I could find to this product is that the staying power isn't that great I don't normally bother with a top coat (I know I know naughty me) but this nail varnish chipped like mad over night so you definitely need to use a good top coat with it. It's also one of them nail varnishes that tried to trick you, you know the sort when you think it's dry so you can go about your business like normal and then it smudges like mad.


  1. lovely polish think it looks fab
    check out my blog comp

  2. I love this type of nail varnish and been meaning to pick it up for ages, thanks for the post! :)

    Ellie | Misseblog xo


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