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Yummy Mummy Training - Tales From The Scales

Here is a fab post from the lovely lady behind who is working her way to getting the body she wants by following the WeightWatchers plan. So here is how she is getting on.
Tales from the scales: How I lost my baby weight

Apparently, it takes nine months to put it on and nine months to lose it”.  This was the very first line of the blog I started in April 2012.  Whilst this is a nice way to boost the feelings of those women feeling overweight after having a baby who have not yet reached the post-birth nine-month cut off, I found myself three stone overweight ten months after our Lovely Little One (the LLO) was born.


The Cake Fork of Irony

The problem was primarily that I suffered with anxiety for a time after the LLO arrived and being ‘nice’ to myself involved a fair bit of eating, but was also due to the fact that being a mum in those early days was like some kind of compulsory cake fest.  Everywhere we went there was cake – mums and baby groups, friends’ houses, baby courses: cake, cake, cake.  Then, if there wasn’t any cake within the immediate vicinity of wherever I was, I would seek some out. 

 Ooh I really fancy a coffee.  Look at that cake ... far too good not to have with a cuppa!

It’s cold.  The LLO needs feeding.  Let’s go into that cafe.  I’ll have a cappuccino and a piece of THAT MASSIVE cake please.

 I was therefore, happily maintaining and adding to my baby weight.

Epiphany Day

I had a day where I felt particularly fat.  My maternity jeans were still on and I started to notice that my antenatal friends were looking thinner and were out of their maternity clothes.  I was unable to get my old belt to the first hole and my maternity jeans were still firmly on.  I then thought about returning to work in two months’ time - how was I ever going to fit into my work clothes?  It was either a whole new wardrobe, or get a bit thinner.


Now I am not a fan of diets but I also don’t have the inclination for a gym at the moment (an activity I also find extremely tedious).  We have an allotment that used to keep me fit, but it is impossible to get stuck into the potatoes when the LLO is crawling around the green house and clambering over the rabbit fencing.  What I needed was an eating plan that kept me full and didn’t deny me the things I like.  This is where Weightwatchers (WW) came in. 

 I had a voucher for a free introduction session (they always seem to be doing these so look out for one if you want to start going) and went along.  After the leader had explained how the diet works, I quickly realised that this is no fad diet but just healthy eating in a controlled way: the eating plan I was looking for.  The aim is to get your BMI to within the healthy range 20-25 and you have to stick to a points system which is just a way of making sure you are not overeating or eating the wrong things.  If you only eat cake and chocolate all day, which you can do if you like, you will be ravenous as all your points will have gone with no room for a substantial dinner, whereas if you choose your food wisely, you can feel full up all day long.  Which is just how I like to be.

The weight just came off

Five months in and I have lost two stone, 7.5 lbs.  I am only a few more pounds off my goal, and am already in the BMI 20-25 range.  Brilliant.

 What has struck me about this quest to shed the excess weight is how easy it has been; I really don't feel that I've had to work for it.  I have still had ice cream, fish and chips, chocolate and cake, but just in a measured (healthy) way.  My husband has lost two stone too, and he isn't even doing WW, just eating what I eat in the evenings.

 That’s all well and good, but how have you actually done it?

Everyone is obviously different, but there are four main ways I have found work for me:

  1. WW recipes: Some of the best ones we regularly cook are from the WW magazine.  These have made us enjoy evening meals and have added some welcome changes to our previous menu.
  2. WW chocolate bars: my mid morning snack is a cuppa and one of a range of bars they sell at the meetings.  My favourite ones are the dark chocolate toffee bars.  There are a whole range of other WW foods available through the meetings and in the shops, but I tend to buy the bars and cook everything else myself fresh.
  3. Staying to the meetings: these are good fun and I know that I am much more motivated if I stay, rather than just going along, getting weighed and then leaving – but everyone is different.  You don’t actually have to go to the meetings at all and can do it all online, but I prefer to be in a group. That way a day of face-stuffing is answerable to a person that will care.
  4. Understanding my eating habits: This is the most important part of this journey so much so, I am going to give it its own heading…

 Understanding my eating habits

Through the weekly WW sessions, there are lots of ideas to get you thinking about your lifestyle and how you eat.  Here’s what I have learnt:

After realising how I eat, I then was able to come up with ways to reduce my bad habits.  When hungry, I open the cupboard or the fridge and stare in, expecting something quick and gratifying to leap out at me.  This usually ended up being junk food.  So I bought my favourite fruits (blueberries, grapes, melon, mango, bananas, strawberries…) and loaded the fridge up.  I had so much fruit in there at one point, I was able to just open the door and grab handfuls of lovely fruits (not an arduous apple in sight).

How do I feel?

Honestly, great.  My confidence is back and my lovely husband did a double-take of me in a new outfit the other day that was perhaps the best compliment ever!  Essentially, I feel happy in my body again and I know that at this weight, I am healthier too and am less at risk of numerous scary-sounding illnesses.  Win win.

Skinny jeans..? You must be joking

Perhaps the best thing that happened to me on this weight-loss quest was purchasing my first pair of skinny jeans which involved a great deal of inaudible punching of the air and big facial expressions of YES YES YES!!! in the changing room whilst shaking my fists silently at the fool in the mirror. 


This was always something so far off the scale of anything foreseeable that I have spent the last few years stating this event would be an impossibility in my lifetime.  But since then, I have purchased another SMALLER pair of skinny jeans and feel great. 



  1. God I am so struggling with the motivation to lose my baby weight :( perhaps it will appear after Xmas when I've eaten myself into a Quality Street coma and actually physically can't fit any more cake in my face. Fingers crossed. Well done you! Skinny Jeans are my ultimate goal also! :))) x

    1. I have always struggled with my weight but going to a meeting and beibv accountable is working for me. Plus, once I got going, I found that the longer I stuck at it, the less likely i was to bail out. Good luck with it - you just have to DO it! Xx

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