Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Baby Cup Weaning Cups Review*

 Babies -

They're not big, but they are clever.

Give them an inch and they'll make you smile.

Give them a Babycup and they'll learn to drink.
4_cups2012, New British proverb ; )
(pinched from the Babycup website)

We are currently weaning Thomas and part of that is trying to get him to drink more fluids during the day alongside his food. We have tried getting him to drink water out of his bottle and he doesn't seem that keen on that so we have also tried flavouring water slightly with juice and giving it him out of his beaker but he doesn't seem very fond of that either. We have noticed when we are drinking out of a normal cup he just stares at us so I was excited to try these Babycups with Thomas

These weaning cups have been created for many different reasons, to help develop your babies motor skills, they are better than using spouted and no spill sippy cups which can lead to tooth decay and also they can help to feed premature babies. Now obviously I wont completely stop Thomas from using sippy cups completely but I do want to try and get him to use these cups more around the house and leave the sippy cups for when we are out and about.

Thomas is still learning how to use these cups he isn't there just yet put so far I have held the cups and let him take sips and I have also let him hold the cup and then guided the cup up to his mouth. I think Thomas thinks he is being so grown up when he drinks from one of these as he seems a lot more keen to take water from one of these cups than a baby beaker. When he has nearly finished and there is just a little bit of water left I let him have a little go on his own, but it hasn't gone quite right yet but we will keep at it.

These are such a simple yet clever idea if you want to try your baby or toddle with these Babycup you can purchase them straight from the website in a wide variety of colours click here  to give them a go.

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  1. What a fab idea - i need to get some ASAP as g is two and still using tommie tippiee non spill cups ! We got shouted at by the HV on Monday !


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