Thursday, 20 December 2012

Baby Sensory - Taggy Blanket.

Following on from my other posts on baby sensory this post is about a lovely little taggy blanket from It is a beautiful crushed velvet blanket that you can either have in pink or blue depending on whether you have a pink or blue little one. It is also beautifully personalised on both sides in the alternate colour with your babies name which I think makes it extra special.
Around the outside of the blanket are the little tags loops which are made from all different materials and textures, such as organza, ribbon and felt and they are all different widths too.

These types of blankets are great for developing your baby's touch senses as there are so many different textures to feel and stroke. You baby can also explore the tags and play with them to get their fingers working which helps with hand eye coordination. Taggy blankets are also a great first toy for a baby as you know in the early days they wont be able to grab anything or really play with anything but their little fingers could still explore this especially if they are having tummy time so they can still get a bit of stimulation instead of just lying there. Plus it can also become your little ones new favourite little comfort blanket as it feels super soft when rubbed against their faces.

Baby Treasures don't just make these blankets they also make brilliant personalised soft baby books. Which is a soft baby photobook that you can fill with which ever pictures you like. Perhaps photos of family members or as a reminder of your babies 1st Christmas. I'm afraid you are too late to order one of these before Christmas now as they take 21 days to be made as they are made from scratch. But you could order a gift voucher to give as a gift 

We were sent this product for the purpose of this review and post*

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