Friday, 28 December 2012

Béaba Babycook Review

A couple of months ago now I was lucky enough to win this Béaba baby food steamer and blender in a competition held by Tesco Mother & Baby club. I was thrilled to win this as it was about the same time as I was just starting to wean Thomas and I had wanted to do home made foods for him rather than keep buying the ready made jars.

The Béaba babycook can steam, blend, warm and defrost your babies food. This is so easy to use you can steam meats in here like chicken or veg and fruit and it also comes with a little recipe book which gives you a few simple recipes to try out and guidelines for how long you should steam things for and how much water you should be using.

These retail for about the £90 mark depending on where you buy it from. Although I do like it as it is really handy and easy to use. I'm not sure I would have spent that much on it, but I do think I need to start using it more I guess I'm just running out of things to make with it. I must look up some more recipes to make for Thomas.

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