Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Traditions

When I was younger we always had some little Christmas traditions in our family such as we would leave mince pies, sherry and a carrot out for Santa and Rudolf. Early in the morning my sister would come in to my room to open her stocking and then I would have to get her to go in to our parents room to wake them up, obviously as she was younger there was more of a chance her getting them up. Then we would all go downstairs as a family to open all of our Christmas presents.

After breakfast we would all get dressed in our new clothes that Santa bought us and then we would go and visit each of our Nan's to deliver presents and have the presents that Santa dropped off at their houses. My dads mum makes mini sausage rolls every year and my cousins and I fill our faces with them whilst opening our presents. Then early afternoon we would go home for a nice little family dinner and then spend the afternoon playing with our new toys.

I want to make some new Christmassy family traditions now I have my own little family. Each year when Thomas is older he will have a phone call from Santa a few days before Christmas day so that Thomas can tell him what he is hoping for at Christmas.
On Christmas eve we will leave cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf before we take Thomas to bed with his little Stocking. We will also leave Thomas's Santa key out so that Santa can come in as we don't have a chimney.
On Christmas eve we will also have a little Christmas eve goodie box with new PJs and a new Christmassy book to read before bed and we will watch the muppets Christmas carol before bed. I love the Muppets Christmas Carol and I have watched it every Christmas for as long as I can remember and that will be one Christmas tradition I will pass on to Thomas.

Then on Christmas day we will get up as a family and see if Santa has been to visit us and we will record Thomas every Christmas morning. After breakfast we will get dressed in to our new clothes and then go to visit our grandparents like I use to when I was little. Starting with my dad and then his mum. This year we have my mum and her mum coming for lunch.

Aww I'm so excited for Christmas and for all of our future Christmases

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